Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root
Tree Jewelry

Plants as people are inspirations for sculpture. As living beings, they might appreciate some adornment, particularly when the winter landscape is stark.

Walking through the Washington Arboretum one October afternoon, the deciduous trees were shedding their adorning leaves. With their essential sculptural forms bare, I thought they would provide a unique showcase for hanging sculpture, which would mark them as special. This was the beginning of Primitiva Pottery and Tile's tree jewelry line for trees and gardens: necklaces, bracelets, earings, and pendants. My tree jewelry line offers multimedia compositions of terracotta clay, porcelain overlays, copper and silver wire, brass mesh, glass beads, and semi-precious stones. All of my hanging sculptures are winter hardy in Washington and in garden zones to 7.


Tree Necklaces 

My tree necklaces are strung on steel cable between hand-forged metal clasping hooks.  They fit trees from 3-6 feet in circumference. They are inspired by nature's pods, seeds, berries, leaves, and tendrils with my interpretation. Their uniqueness comes from my attention to form, texture, and color. My tree necklaces can be strung around a tree, draped along sturdy branches, and or hung as wall pieces indoors. 

Tree Bracelets

Primitiva Pottery and Tile developed tree bracelets for smaller trees and large bushes. The bracelets can be used as necklaces on small trees or hung from branches of small to medium trees.  They always have at least one flower pod as a central element surrounded by leaves and tendrils. Copper wire strings the elements of the tree bracelet together and fastens them with coiled hammered clasps.

 Tree Earings

My jewelry line would not be complete without earings.  However, trees don't necessarily need a pair. Primitiva Pottery and Tile developed tree earings for the smallest of trees branches or thick vine stems. They are composed of a flower pod, unique bird beads, and 'pod caps.' They are strung and fashioned with copper wire with a coiled hammered clasp.





Tree Pendants

Introduced in 2009, my tree pendants allowed me to create a garden totem structure suspended in air. They combine elements of my tree necklaces and garden totems. They can fill space that trees create yet not take away from planting space as is precious to most city gardeners. They hang 3.5 to 4.5 feet from a hand-forged hook with steel cable as the 'string'.

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