Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root
About The Artist
Maria P. P. Root lives in Seattle, Washington. Filipino culture influences her colors and a sense combining disparate palettes and forms. Her use of a complex range of greens as background to vibrant colors conveys her blending of tropical and northwest sensibilities. 
Clay is a joyous vehicle through which I play and imagine. Transforming earth and water with fire and joy is like magic. Every chunk, scrap, and crumb promises something beautiful. In these moments life is simple and full of possibilities. 


Creating a pleasing, functional form requires me to interact with the clay in so many ways: throwing, rolling, stretching, piercing, pinching, pounding, coaxing, carving, embossing, piecing, laminating, extruding, molding, slumping, paddling, and pouring. 

Over the years, carving and texturing my surfaces became more central to my work rather than being embellishments. Carving allows me to spend more time with each particle of clay, thus each piece becomes an extended meditation with nature and possibility.

My work is meant to make ordinary moments and rituals of everyday life special: eating a bowl of soup, drinking a cup of coffee, planting for spring, providing food and water to birds, sharing food with family and friends, and wandering through the garden with a favorite mug in hand. I hope my creations invite you to pause and appreciate an ordinary moment of living.

Maria served as one of the first directors of the pottery cooperative at the University of California, Riverside and its first woman director. Her work has been represented in galleries in Washington, Ohio, Minnesota, and Hawai’i.   She is a member of the Washington  Clay Arts Association, Potter's Council, Tile Heritage Foundation, and a charter member of Artisan Tile Northwest. 

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