Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root
Studio Cats

 What is a studio without the resident four-legged companion willing to keep the artist company at all hours?

Bud, my manx cat, supervises me.  Without a tail, Bud moves with ease and without accidents in the studio.  I don't worry about a swishing tail knocking something over or leaving marks on a newly glazed piece. 

Primitiva Pottery and Tile has always had studio cats.  Adi, the first of my studio cats, and only one with a tail, loved to sleep in bowls before they were fired. Few were broken, but many had claw marks. Eventually, a bowl was bisque-fired and given to him for his studio nest. Mac, supervised the studio at ground level and signaled me to take breaks by letting me know I was spending more time focused on clay than on her.

Bud continues to supervise me.



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