Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root

Welcome to Primitiva Pottery and Tile's store! Orders will be ready to ship within 72 hours. Credit cards and debits will be processed through Paypal. 


 I've developed a line of tableware that you can mix and match: tropical flowers, forest flora, tidepool colors, blending the Northwest with the Tropics.  I've introduced square bowls and oval bowls. 

My pieces require little special maintenance. Bowls, dishes, and platters are dishwasher, microwave, and oven friendly.  

 Garden art such as birdspas and totems are available by special order during this season.

 If you see a piece of work on my website, that is not listed in the "store," contact me for more information at

I have only released items for sale that I would consider giving as gifts to special friends and family. All of the items you view are one of a kind. If an item has sold, there will not be another one just like it in the studio.

Happy shopping for friends, family, and, of course, yourself!   


Maria Root