Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root
Primitiva Tile

 Primitiva Tile promises a distinctive, artisan finish to any tiled space. The carved surfaces of these tiles invite you to touch them.  Primitiva Tile uses an old tradition of carving, creating negative molds from plaster, and pressing clay in the molds to return positive images of the original. A limited number of tiles can be made from a mold depending on the type of clay I use and the amount of detail that must be replicated.                        

 Many steps are required to create the final flat tile. Pressing, scraping, waiting, sanding, washing and patience are required before glazing them.                                               

            New Releases for 2013   


Primitiva Tile can be ordered from my existing "library" of tiles or I can custom design a tile.  My library consists of flowers such as trillium, calla lilies, bleeding heart, clematis, lilies of the valley and more. Themes of frogs, cats, hummingbirds, lizards, and sea turtles in small accent tiles or framed as pictures are available.   


I introduced sculptural tiles in the fall of 2008. These tiles can be used as accent tiles in tile installations. 


 Some of my sculptural series are wall totems tiles.  These are three dimensional tiles with leaves and hanging glass and semiprecious stone beads wrapped with copper wire.




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