Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root
Garden Totems

My award winning garden totems protect the outdoor spaces in which they are "planted". Their organic forms borrow from familiar pods, flowers, leaves, or parts of plants. They have small footprints with a large impact.  Each one has a "crowning glory" which completes the story of that particular totem. All of my totems  are winter hardy for zones 7 or warmer.


 Garden Totems

Primitiva Pottery and Tile's award winning, whimsical garden totems were intended to watch over the garden. Each section depicts an element of nature: water, pods, seasons, growth, frogs, turtles, or relevant stories for the individual for whom I custom design. These totems are the most elaborate of the three types I make, often using over 20 segments and disks. 

 Atop each totem is it's "crowning glory" like no other: carnivorous plants, nesting fantastical birds (must have fantastical eggs), bird houses, and seed pods with a twist of science fiction adorn them. With their 'crowns,' each totem takes on its whimsical personality.




  Bamboo Totems

The bamboo totems are the simplest and most subtle form of my totems. They are truest to my initial concept. They are composed of white stoneware clay glazed in light coats of muted earthen sand colors in satin finishes. They can be composed to any height, but they tend to be shorter than the whimsical totems at three to five feet. They look best in clusters of different heights and colors.                                                                                                    








Sprouts or Mini-Totems

My recent totems are sprouts meant to nestle in pots or amidst plants in the garden. They are as colorful as my full-grown garden totems, and who knows if a 12 to 18 inch sprout might grow taller!



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