Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root

Do you have a favorite plate for a favorite food or special bowl for eating soup or ice cream?  Everyday we have an intimate relationship with our plates and bowls. My passion for vessels we share through foodcelebrates this relationship. Functional ceramic ware does not have to be ordinary.  Primitiva Pottery and Tile ceramic ware makes a special experience from eating  a piece of toast to a bowl of  noodles. 



Primitiva Pottery and Tile dinnerware colors are both vibrant and earthy. They are meant to go with colors of food from the earth: guava, mango, dandelion, kiwi, peach, turquoise, and wisteria.  The eating surfaces are smooth and the exteriors and rims are carved and textured. These colors bridge the source of our food with the vitality we seek from its nourishment. The colors encourage us to celebrate food and share it with friends. 

  Primitiva Pottery and Tile offers serving bowls that are round or square.  All of my vessels for eating and drinking are dishwasher safe.


Sometimes Primitiva Pottery and Tile offers a limited edition of serving dishes such as trays that have designs taken from the Primitiva Tile line. Each is one of a kind.



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