Primitiva Pottery and Tile
Maria Root
Bird Furnishings


  Birds linger in your garden if you provide places to feed, drink, perch, and nest. My bird line now includes Bird Spas, Garden Pools, and Bird Houses. 

Like my garden totems, the Spas are made of several individually designed pieces. The spa basin is designed to be topple proof even if a large bird lands or a squirrel jumps onto it from above. The spas hold a small quantity of water, seed or fruit for birds and butterflies. They range in height from 3.5 to 5 feet. They are winter hardy in Washington and to zone 7. 



Garden Pools are for the birds (dogs, squirrels, or cats). Place on a ledge, table, or stump and you have a stunning above ground display. They can be nestled on the ground surrounded by plants. Your garden pool should be turned upside down during the winter if you live in a climate that freezes water.


Bird Pods are birdhouse disguised as ornaments. They look good all year round. A clean out plug underneath allows housekeeping for the next season. After cleaning them out, you can even place them in the dishwasher!                                       



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